Articles about SwedishAmerican Health System´s visit in Skaraborg

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NLT Sept 23, 2015: Headline says: Americans got to learn about Skaraborg´s Hospital. Article says that SAHS has since earlier had an exchange program with City of Lidköping´s health care programs.  Dr. William Gorski, CEO & President along with other co-wokers from leadership came to Skaraborg. Description about SAHS. Description of what you got to see during the two hospital visits.
NLT Sept 23, 2015

Skärmavbild 2015-09-23 kl. 15.54.38Skövde Nyheter September 16, 2015: Headline says: Americans inspired by Swedish Health Care Model

Specializing is being viewed as an important tool for increased knowhow. Articles says: The differences between Swedish and U.S. Health care are big. That states the personnel from SwedishAmerican Health System in the USA, who are spending three days in Skaraborg. There are three hospitals in Rockford, all specialized on heart surgery. Perhaps it would be better for the patients if only one specialized at that, says Dr. William Gorski when he along with co-workers visited Skaraborg Hospitals. The visit is a result of the Skaraborg – USA partnership, says Linnea Bengtsson, International Business Developer.

Skövde Nyheter Sept 16, 2015