Grow Locally By Working Globally

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That is overall purpose of the Industrial Partnership Agreement. My role as the International Business Developer  is to be the liaison for our respective local small and medium size companies and organizations to connect globally. My employment is with the City of Lidköping, with co-funding from the County of Skaraborg / Skaraborgs kommunalförbund (15 municipalities). The City of Rockford, Winnebago County, SwedishAmerican Health System and Sustain Dane, who all are our outstanding partners on the U.S side are providing the partnership with access to local networks. They slso provides us with office space at Rockford City Hall, office share at Sustain Dane in Madison, included at RAEDC staff meetings.

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Overview of results of the Industrial Partnership Agreement (originally signed in 2006, updated in 2011, updated and expanded in 2014 to end of 2016):
  • Significantly increased work force number at Leading Edge Hydraulics in Rockford, as a result of a partnership with CEJN, a Swedish company.
  • Four Trainees placed at the RAEDC during 2008-2010.
  • One Trainee from Rockford placed in Lidköping 2010.
  • Several delegations visiting respective regions and exchange of best practices.
  • Three houses built by De la Gardiegymnasiet and East High School students, for and thanks to SwedishAmerican Foundation.
  • Nurse students at SwedishAmerican Hospital and Rock Valley College.
  • Fire Fighter exchange.
  • Teacher exchanges.
  • Tourism Trainee placed at RACVB 2013.
  • International Energy Collaboration with Freedom Field.
  • Several bioenergi best practices exchanges between Lidköping, Sweden and primarily Winnebago County.
  • Skaraborg black smith company receiving it´s first export order of jewelry from American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis.
  • Local Skaraborg Company recently open up a daughter company in Illinois and is currently in hiring process.
  • Increased marketing and better positioning of respective regions for international attraction.
  • Partnership between Lindstrom Travel (Rockford) and Nybergs Buss (Lidköping).
  • Educational Agreement between Rockford University and University of Skövde.
  • Several virtual and in person match-making and introduction meetings between companies in our respective regions.
  • On-going partnership discussion between City of Belvidere and City of Falköping within the County of Skaraborg.
  • Several tourism and educational introductions and connections been made between our regions.
  • 41 American delegates visited Lidköping, Skaraborg and Sweden in September, to learn about health care, sustainability and heritage.
  • Several media coverage. Please view:
Upcoming projects:
  • October 14-28: A group of eight nurse students and two instructors from De la Gardiegymnasiet, Lidköping, will be at SwedishAmerican Hospital.  They will also visit RVC, local organizations and tour Rockford.
  • October 22-29: Two University Doctors from the University of Skövde will make a study visit in Rockford to explore educational partnership opportunities with the College of Medicine at Rockford and SwedishAmerican Health System.
  • November 15-21: Mayor Kjell Hedvall, Vice Mayor Kajsa Ezelius, 2nd Vice Mayor Bertil Jonsson, Executive Director Jan Fransson from the City of Lidköping. County of Skaraborg Chair & Mayor of City of Skövde Katarina Jonsson, and others will  visit Rockford, Madison and the Midwest. Purpose of the trip is to expand on existing partnerships in place and discuss the future of the partnership.

Please contact me if I can be of any assistance to you or your company or organization, when it comes to grow locally by working globally: