Grow Locally By Working Globally

Publicerat 10 juni, 2016 av i Okategoriserade.

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I really appreciate the coverage and comments about the 10 year celebration of the Lidköping & Rockford partnership and the continuing of the Partnership between Lidköping and Skaraborg & Rockford and Madison. Today I am working half day, some of the projects I am working on are, identifying a potential partner to a company from Nossebro, Skaraborg and an area of expansion for a company from Mariestad, Skaraborg. Yesterday at City of Rockford employe came to my office with records from his Swedish grandparents and interest to visit Sweden. It turned out they originate from Axvall and Skövde, Skaraborg. I referred him to LIndstrom Travel & Nybergs Buss as they package trips to Sweden. I also showed him the City of Skövde symbol, at the reception at Community Development Dep., a gift to the City of Rockford from the City of Skövde´s Mayors Katarina Jonsson and Marie Ekman. Grow Locally By Woking Globally