City of Tidaholm

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The City of Tidaholm received it´s current city privilege in 1910 and is today 107-year-old city. Prior to 1910, there was ironwork with rights since 1799. Tidaholm is known for it´s strong industrial history. Tidaholm has about 13 000 inhabitants and is located on the east side of the County of Skaraborg. Early on there was a car manufacturer located here, and during one period, the well-known Vulcan safety match factory located here, was the world´s largest producer of safety matches. Today this factory is the most modern one and Swedish Match is the owner. Tidaholm is known for it´s rich culture, leisure and sports activities. There is a connection to Rockford as a group of Rockfordians donated a sports trophy to Tidaholm in 1950, and yet today this trophy is being used when awarding annual sports person of the year. In Tidaholm we also have a well-known lithographic academy and artist for all over the world attends it.