1. Advocate for greater understanding of our two cities and countries

  • Four trainees in Rockford and one Trainee in Lidköping.
  • Several news articles and TV coverage (most of them are saved on youtube)
  • Lidköping International Business Developer on site in Rockford 2011- 2013.
  • Expanded network: Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C., SACC USA and SACC Chicago, Madison, Mankato. Vänersborg, Skövde, Gothenburg.

2. Develop international business climate

  • Delegations visiting respective countries.
  • Joint Venture: Jimec & Leading Edge Hydraulics (2008).
  • Leading Edge Hydraulics expansion, 28 new employees
  • CEJN (in Skövde) job growth

3. Encourage professional and citizen exchanges

  • Lidköping firemen job shadowing City of Rockford´s Firemen September 23-30, 2012.
  • Disucssion about nurses to come to Rockford as part of nurse school program.

4. School exchange programs

  • 2009-2012 a total of 38 students from De la Gardiegymnasiet has helped East High School build three houses in Rockford as part of SwedishAmerican Foundation Neighbourhood Program.
  • 10 students from East High School, Rockford in Lidköping.
  • Five Students and two teachers from Nature and Social Science in Rockford October 2011.
  • Two teachers from Elementary School (Östbyskolan och Mångfaldsenheten) in Rockford November 2011.
  • Teachers from Nurse Program in Rockford December 2011.
  • Educational Collaboration Agreement signed April 2012 between Rockford College and University of Skövde.
  • Nurse students to SwedishAmerican Hospital October 15-25, 2012

5. International bioenergy days

  • 2010 in Rockford. 2011 in Lidköping. 2012 in Mankato.
  • International Energy Collaboration signed with Freedom Field in May 2011.
  • Sept 2012: Introduction between Greentech Park, Skara and Freedom Field.

6. Explore tourism program

  • Discussion about internships/LIA students from Campus On-Line in Rockford at RACVB.
  • Främbergs Lidköping Bus Company 35 tours in Rockford, October 2011.
  • Partnership between Nybergs Buss and Tri State Travel.

7. Explore retail possibilities

  • Swedish Menu – Stockholm Inn.
  • Kinnarps eregonomic office table and chair.
  • Roxul – insulation material.
  • EgoCut Cutting Tables.