industrial partnership Agreement

The Industrial Partnership Agreement is between Lidköping and Skaraborg (a county with 15 municipalities) in Sweden and Rockford, Madison and Midwest in the United States. This agreement is a result and growth of the Lidköping-Rockford Industrial Partnership Agreement signed in 2006 and updated in 2011. Industrial Partnership Agreement 2014-2016

MISSON: Grow locally by working globally VISION: Strengthen international positions for Skaraborg and Midwest. Each region to serve as gateways and support local companies to be successful on the global arena


  • Increase the awareness of assets within each respective region that can promote economic and social growth
  • Increase the interaction between wide varieties of organizations within our regions
  • Increase the awareness of Lidköping and Skaraborg as entry points to the Swedish and European market
  • Increase the awareness of Rockford in the County of Winnebago, Madison in the County of Dane and other Midwest partners as entry points to the U.S. market
  • Increase the international competitive strength for businesses in Skaraborg and Midwest


  • The fundamental goal is to create job growth leading to increased community wealth
  • Establish a network with available resources for global expansion
  • Conduct business matchmaking
  • To enhance professional personnel exchanges, e.g. job shadowing, between Skaraborg and Midwest
  • Provide resources (e.g. office space, office supply, internet access, telephone, parking, marketing space on organizations web pages) for an International Business Developer from Lidköping on site in Rockford and Madison for three years, 2014-2016

ACTION PLAN 2014 – 2016

  1. Advocate for greater understanding of our cities and countries
    Tactics:  Hold seminars and presentations regarding our cities. Identify and attend conferences that focus on international trade. Present Municipality sustainability programs. Identify key partners, exchange best practices and explore new methods for growth. Publish articles and virtual updates.  Projected outcomes: Skaraborg and Midwest will gain greater knowledge and visibilities of our partnership cities and countries which will allow us to be more successful in our collaboration.
  2. Develop international business climate
    Tactics: Develop a business matchmaking approach that can be utilized remotely between our regional companies to explore collaboration opportunities. Identify clusters based on sector and develop an implementation plan.  Determine U.S. counterparts to help identify and develop market strategies for product/technology introductions in the U.S. Encourage and assist the Skaraborg companies and organizations to have presentations in English.Projected outcomes: Increased awareness of Skaraborg as the entry point to the Swedish and European market as well as increasing the awareness that the Midwest Region represents a gateway to the United States.  Enhanced international growth for companies in each region.
  3. Encourage professional personnel exchanges
    Tactics: Develop exchange programs (virtual and in-person) in areas such as elderly care, fire fighting, social work, city planning, workforce development and other professions. Projected outcomes: Increased knowledge and awareness of alternative approaches gained by exchanging methods, documents and systems.
  4. Sustainability programs
    Tactics: Identify conferences with a sustainability focus. Develop specific cleantech/renewable energy commercialization. Promote Skaraborg and West Sweden strength in bioenergy and alternative energy. Identify organizations in the U.S. working with sustainablity programs. Bench mark models and concepts. Utilize the international Energy Collaboration signed between Lidköping and Winnebago County in 2011. Projected outcomes: Matchmaking opportunities between organizations and companies. Swedish companies and organizations will gain greater recognition for their sustainability work.
  5. Explore tourism program
    Tactics: Conversations with key people in the tourist sector. Identify opportunities for programs supporting mutual tourism interests, e.g business tourism.Projected outcomes: Enhancing programs and methods for collaborative promotion in regards to tourism. Increased numbers of tourist travelling.
  6. Explore retail possibilities
    Tactics: Explore retail possibilities for international collaboration. Customer service in culture context. Projected outcomes: Identification of potential international retail exchanges and matchmaking between organizations and retail companies.  Increased culture service-minded awareness.
  7. Educational exchange programs
      – relevant for schools in Lidköping and universities in Skaraborg. Other schools in Skaraborg are welcome to use the partnership services and school network for a fee (separate annex for Swedish partners).
    Tactics: In addition to the construction program exchange (which is on-going), other schools and organizations will be targeted for exchange programs. Identify opportunities for exchanges for students, teachers and other school personnel. Projected outcomes: International exchanges between Lidköping and Rockford will increase the depth of community knowledge for the exchange delegates and afford our students a significant global learning opportunity.

Mayor Kjell Hedvall, City of Lidköping, Sweden, Mayor Lawrence J. Morrissey, City of Rockford, Illinois, Chair Katarina Jonsson, Skaraborg Kommunalförbund, Sweden, Chair Scott Christiansen, Winnebago County, Illinois, USA, Executive Director Jessie Lerner, Sustain Dane, Madison, WI, USA, President and CEO Dr. William Gorski, SwedishAmerican Health System, Rockford, Illinois, USA

DOWNLOAD: Industrial Partnership Agreement 2014-2016
DOWNLOAD: Updated Industrial Partnership Agreement LIDKOPING – ROCKFORD, March 31 2011.
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